The RISHI Films Academy

RISHI Films Academy (RFA) is a newly developed wing of USC Project RISHI that strives to document and market RISHI-related material in the interest of informing donors and future RISHI members. Video is the primary medium through which this goal is accomplished. Our aim is to create production quality content to highlight our professional endeavors and to illustrate what it means to be a member of USC Project RISHI.

The wing has grown significantly since its inception. We produced two promotional videos at the beginning of the semester to launch RFA. These videos revolved around the community that we like to call RISHI Family, and the role of social entrepreneurship in shaping the lives of villagers in Naga Valadia. Creating these videos not only provided us with a direction, but it also showed us the immense potential of high quality video marketing.

Currently, we have produced two montage segments that we call “This Week in RISHI” (TWIR). These videos capture the day-to-day activities of Project RISHI members, and are lighthearted in nature. They contain Snapchat-length clips and involve everything from spontaneous hangouts to Samosa Fundraiser highlights, to philanthropy events like Kicks for Kids. It serves as a way to increase the camaraderie and community within our group, and builds our brand.

You can check out our work below:

The RISHI Family

The Week in RISHI #1

Social Entrepreneurship

The Week in RISHI #2

Our first major undertaking is a 1 minute promotional video, or exposé which focuses on why USC Project RISHI is so relevant to the college student. At this point in the end of the semester, we have completed the video in its entirety.
Be on the lookout for our first exposé in the coming weeks!