Financing an Initiative

With all the great work and ideas that come from the people in USC Project RISHI, it would be a shame if all their hard work would go to waste as a result of being unable to provide the supplies or resources. Paying for an initiative relies heavily on fundraising during the year, but there is additional work that goes into making our vision a reality.

Our first major avenue is looking into the wide array of companies that already have a product or interest in helping solve a problem similar or the same as ours. With regards to our pilot tobacco de-addiction initiative, we focused on companies like Grindz and TeaZa Energy,  who were willing to donate product to help combat this problem overseas.

The other aspect of fundraising is significantly more hands-on. With the large Indian community in Artesia, there was a great resource in our backyard of people who would be willing to donate and help make a difference in their home country. The added benefit of interacting with each one of these stores was that we were able to increase our presence in terms of the amount of people that knew about Project RISHI as an organization and the type of work we do. Since these were all small businesses, we were able to go door to door and get an immediate response to our cause and it was overall a very positive experience!