Board of Advisors

Notable alumni often continue their involvement in Project RISHI by joining the Board of Advisors, providing their knowledge and experience to guide the organization.


Kunal Vardan Pratap Varshneya

USC Project RISHI is less of an organization and more of a family. It is an opportunity to dedicate a significant portion of your time to the less privileged people in India - and to be a part of a the team that develops innovative, sustainable solutions to improve their lives. Now two years old, USC Project RISHI has established itself both in India and at USC, but is still incredibly malleable. Each and every member that joins the organization has the potential to influence the organization, to mold it, and to leave his or her own legacy in it. When I started this organization, I hoped to instill the same excitement I had for Project RISHI in others - now when I look at the dedication, compassion, and enthusiasm RISHI members (I call them RISHILYFERS) show to one another and to the projects we are developing for our village in India, I have a newfound excitement for the future of USC Project RISHI.

Favorite RISHI Memory:  Choosing one moment that I have enjoyed the most in my USC Project RISHI tenure is incredibly difficult. For the past two years, there has not been a day when I haven’t been immersed in what we called the RISHILYFE - and this commitment from everyone involved has allowed what was once simply an idea I had to develop into an organization that has made a tangible impact in India. Our many accomplishments along this journey has made my involvement in Project RISHI very rewarding, and I attribute much of my intellectual maturity and success as an advocate for the underserved to my experience in Project RISHI. Choosing one moment that I most enjoyed or felt most rewarding would be an injustice to the rest of my time I spent as a RISHILYFER.