USC Project RISHI is a Student Run Non-Profit 


USC Project RISHI (Rural India Social and Health Improvement) is a 501(c)3 organization whose goal is to promote the sustainable development of rural Indian communities. We take a different approach to philanthropy; we adopt a village, put boots on the ground to identify the issues brought up by villagers themselves, and then ideate innovative, sustainable solutions that we then implement in future trips. 



Our Methodology

USC Project RISHI looks to develop sustainable and innovative solutions to problems that the villagers experience. We start by asking the individuals in the village what they feel are the most pressing issues. The team then gathers data to understand the root causes of these problems. After months of ideation, USC Project RISHI's solutions are discussed with village leaders to ensure effective and efficient implementation. 

Our Methodology →

Making a tangible impact

Once the villagers and their leaders are on board, USC Project RISHI begins to execute. How Project RISHI is unique is that our focus is not simply to solve an acute problem, but to empower the local residents to overcome the issue and prevent further recurrence. Our innovative method is present in all our solutions, whether it is an eye-health clinic, a tobacco de-addiction campaign, or an adult literacy initiative.

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